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Stuff just keeps happening to me!

2016-09-15 22:59:40 by PixelArts

One of my best friends died a couple weeks ago, so I've been taking time off. The past month hasn't been too great.

I'm so sorry guys, but my review show on YouTube will have to wait a little longer. However, I have been working hard for the past few days on some incredible songs, one of which is five and a half minutes long! Thank you for being so patient with me! I will be back with a steady stream of content in the near future.

It's been a crazy time in my life, but I'll hopefully be back on track soon.

Stay tuned!


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2016-09-15 23:21:37

Sorry to hear what's been going on. I'm going through some shit myself, but I'll be grateful that no one on my end died recently. I'll have to make a gratitude list. You should do the same. It helps.

PixelArts responds:

Thank you so much for your support. Hope everything gets better with you too!


2016-09-16 02:13:54

So sorry to hear that OAQ

PixelArts responds:

Thank you so much for being my first Fan!